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Good design reduced to the essentials was the motto for the development of this modern door line. The door as a wall-designing element is the focus here. The flush frame systems INTRA [jamb and casing mounted on the wall or mounted flush to the wall] and the flush FLAT frame system [invisible frame integrated into the wall] make customized solutions possible for architects and designers. No matter the dimension involved, surface design or opening direction, you receive your door tailored precisely to your wishes. 

Catalogue - INTRA & FLAT [6,4 MB]

Overview: Frame systems INTRA & FLAT
Catalogue - BASIC & GLAS [5,7 MB]

Flat VD

Innentür Freudenberg  Innentür Freudenberg


FLAT-VD – the “invisible“ frame system is integrated in the wall and offers new design possibilities. The claim to this system was to integrate the door as a wall-designing element into the interior concept. Ingenious and at the same time simple, different versions are available. With version 4c swing direction is reversed, opening inwards toward the inner surface of the wall. In combination with the door system VARIA-Protect with an aluminium protection edge there are virtually limitless design potential for surface finishes, weather glass, stone or leather.
Detailed technical information is provided to help you plan the wall connections.

Flat ALU-20

zeitlose Türen  alu


NEW: The innovative frame system FLAT ALU-20 with its shock-resistant angle profile and filigree casing width 20mm is the perfect choice for public projects. The different frame systems (see page 7, also fire and sound insulation proofed) allow the perfect match to the individual interior concept. The slim frame with small shadow groove is available in different colors. Numerous real wood and high-quality painted coatings are offered for the surface finish of the door leaf. For example, the real wood oak veneer with Rough-Cut-Look made by S+H


Innentür Berlin  Innentür München


The INTRA frame system fulfilled all wishes for modern living. INTRA consists of a split jamb without corners and edges as on conventional doors. ComTür can supply two basic versions: INTRA “mounted on the wall” or INTRA-UZ “mounted flush to the wall”. The frames generally have a miter joint [see illustration]. The INTRA-S system frames are butt joined [block jamb design]. All frame systems are factory pre-hung before delivery. The advantage: The casing legs and header are perfectly joined. The surface finish forms a “unified whole”, for a simple and fast installation.


Innentür Frankfurt  Innentür Frankfurt


The ULTRA-EXCLUSIV series of doors is unashamedly versatile in terms of colour, style and design. The options are limitless with these top-quality strikingly simple door elements. The variety is virtually endless, with real wood veneer, white or coloured varnish, square-cut, round, segmental or three-centred arches to choose from. The System COMPACT options [rabbeted] or PLANO [flush hung] cater for every taste, whether minimalist chic or classic elegance.

Nova & Vario

Innentür Dortmund 


The impressive feature about the VARIO model is the two lines running down the length of the door in solid wood matching the finish [in MDF for white finish] which lend the door a contemporary framed look. There is a choice of fine, narrow grooves [profile B] or marginally wider grooves [profile A]. This character is emphasized by the veneer style, running vertically and smoothly down the outside, framing the central part. The NOVA-GLAS door enables rooms to be separated and linked at the same time. Large clear glass areas let in plenty of light but need not be see-through. In contrast to conventional fully-glazed doors, the hinges and handles in this case can be coordinated with the wooden doors.

Glass doors

Glastür München  


The material glass creates light and transparency.  ComTür offers you with the models FILIGRANO [modern glass door with fine, narrow stile and invisible frame system], NOVA-GLAS [glass door with wooden stiles, matching the door model VARIO] and VENTURA-GLAS [fully-glazed door] elements for an open, spacious feel. Transparent and yet still protected. Particularly the fully-glazed door system VENTURA-GLAS are ideal for porch doors. Whether as a revolving door or swing door, with or without fanlights and side panels, any design is possible. There is a wide choice of glazing, with textured glass, sandblasted and screen printed designs all available to meet customer specifications.

Sliding doors

Schiebetür Heilbronn



Whether as a wooden sliding door, fully-glazed door or in the variation NOVA-GLAS. Floor-to-header or floor-to-ceiling, with single-leaf or double-leaf, for all architectural and space-saving solutions ComTür will find the matching door concept. You have the choice between sliding door systems mounted on the wall [e.g. for the renovation] or sliding door mounted in the wall. According to the interior design different features can be chosen: whether a modern or traditional door leaf, surfaces like real wood veneers, design veneers or colorfully varnished surfaces as well as varied glass motives.


Innentür Freiburg


The WEGA range of doors is available as the WEGA series with veneered finish or WEGA-MASSIV with solid finish. With WEGA, in contrast to conventional door models, the panel with the narrow clear glass insert forms the basic element, framed with one wooden section at the top and two at the bottom. The design of the narrow central panel is entirely flexible. There is a choice of various glass patterns, smooth or grooved wooden panels, or individual wood sections, the layout of which can be varied.