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Windows & Glass facades


Unique in quality, technical solutions and concept support, we have been a reliable partner for designers, architects and builders of high-quality door elements for decades already. With our new window line, we can now offer solutions in façade construction for design-oriented new buildings or ambitioned object area.

Whether spacious glass fronts for limitless panoramic views, frameless and flush glazing or classic window constructions in various material combinations, ComTür offers suitable windows in holistic design apart from its high-quality door lines.

current & timeless



Less is more. Not only for our modern inside doors, this maxim applies also for façade design. With the exception of the glass surfaces, the glass elements disappear optically completely in the building envelope. The high thermal insulating wood aluminium window convince by their narrow frames, which are integrated perfectly in the façade.  From the inside, the wood offers comfortable cosiness on account of the local timber. The clear lines of the wing profiles ensure an aesthetic and filigree window design as well as an ideal surface of glass. Perfectly harmonised to the front door systems FLAT and PLANO, ComTür offers a cross-material solution which fulfils all requirements in an energetic and design-oriented construction method.

current & timeless



In modern architecture, more than ever generously dimensioned glass elements are relied on in flush-mounted and narrow profile optics. In the process, however, highest functional demands such as thermal insulation requirements, safety and weatherproof finish, have to be fulfilled. Thus, these windows combine elegant, functional advantages without frills with architectural aspects and permit high creative freedom. Apart from the completely covered serial fittings you can choose from wonderful, silk-mat types of wood in many colour variants. A large range of colours are available for the robust aluminium shell.




With classic lines in subtle and restrained design, timber windows combine the original beauty of nature with innovative window technology of today. As a natural uniquely grown and permanently renewing material, wood stands for healthy quality of life. On account of the different types of wood, paints and varnishes, the window receives its unmistakable personality - adequate for your house. The individual manufacture and the precise measures make extraordinary shapes and special solutions possible.




Windows and doors decorate the façade and mark the style of their objects like no other building element. Analogue to the doors, ComTür offers windows made-to-measure and a suitable variant for every demand. With a wide range of frame profiles in different material combinations, divers window shapes, surfaces, colours and additional equipment, we meet your aesthetic and functional requirments - in new buildings, in old buildings, and for building renovations. Thus, various types of glazing, such as heat insulation, sun protection or sound-insulating glazing, are available. Upon request, we protect installed shutters against dirt, wind and weather.





Barrier-free sliding systems and frameless glass angle joints ensure an unlimited panoramic view. Especially in case of modern new building, more and more large glass surfaces are fitted. Given the progressive glazing, the frame of the fixed glazing disappears in the wall reveal. This permits a generous view, and lets the living area merge into nature almost without barriers.




In the architectural construction of modern façades, products, such as external Venetian blinds, shutters or integrated shade glazing solutions are becoming more and more important. Intelligent sun protection systems combine highly efficient sun and dazzle protection with distinct improvement of the energy balance and create pleasant light conditions in the room at the same time. In summer a distinct reduction of the cooling energy and in winter a reduction of the heating costs in addition is achieved. With an exclusive versatility of variants, numerous combined solutions and the adaptability to any constructional conditions, ComTür fulfils individual ideas and offers creative stylistic elements of façade design.




Every aspect of protection and safety is implemented by ComTür at the required level. The basic function of all insulating glass is an excellent heat insulation. This can be combined with properties of special glazing and innovative fitting technique. Increased protection against opportunist burglars to practised housebreakers is offered by safety fittings with burglar-proof closure systems. In addition, windows in alarm version, i.e. with alarm glass as well as closure and opening monitor, are offered.