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The entrance door line of ComTür guarantees security, weather protection and design variety. The models differ by innovative and fascinating materials on the external door leaf. ComTür can supply two basic systems: MULTIFUNCTION COMPACT [72 mm] and the THERMO PASSIVE versions [95 mm] COMPACT [rebated] and PLANO [flush-mounted on both sides]. The range of design options is extensive. In creation the door, we can ensure, that the colour, variety of wood and the design match the style of your house on the outside and the furnishing style on the inside.

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Haustür Schwetzingen  



Modern, simple architecture in combination with the naturally growing material of wood. Aesthetics with enduring value. COMTÜR offers a wide selection of veneer, either plain or natural, with production to individual specifications, door for door. In combination with the VARIA PROTECT door panel system it is possible to make original parquetry surfaces to match your floor.



The BASIC product line encompasses all the door designs with a “smooth finish”. BASIC COLOR offers you a wide range of design options with colours of your choice. The CT-Lotus surfaces are extremely robust and resistant to weathering. The Duotherm core technology creates a two leaf system that allows the door to have independent designs on the inside and outside. Entrance doors from the BASIC range of doors are naturally also available with all light cut-out versions, glass side panels and fanlights.


Haustür Heilbronn  


With the aim of creating a weatherproof, secure and design flexible entrance door, ComTür developed the model CERA. This patented entrance door collection has a ceramic surface on the outside. The Duotherm core technology creates a two leaf system that allows the door to have independent designs on the inside and outside. CERA stands for the ability to have a diverse and flexible range of surface designs. Whether concrete, wood, or stone everything is possible. In addition, the ceramic deck is absolutely strong, secure and highly scratch-resistant. Combined with the Thermo-Passive door system it offers the highest burglary protection resistance class RC3.

Galaxy & Polaris

Haustür Kassel


Clean lined, timeless design without frills is what the GALXY and POLARIS models have to offer. Absolutely weatherproof, robust and hard- wearing. The glass surfaces provide long lasting protection, have a high gloss appearance and are easy to care for. Version extends across the entire entrance area in the form of a complete door construction or a wall facing. Everything is possible. The mirrored or satin-frosted light openings blend into the overall picture with a futuristic effect. The ideal door system for architects and designers.

Antik & Klassik

Haustür Steinheim  


The entrance door models “ANTIK & KLASSIK” impress by the utilization of the raised panels and luxurious panel profiles. Masterful designer items crafted in the traditional way. Distinctive and precious, e.g. in the “European oak” variety of wood. The shades, ranging from natural to dark rustic, are adjusted to specific customer requirements. For example, surfaces can be precisely matched to windows or garage doors by using submitted samples. This is one of the special services offered by ComTür. Glass and glazing bars provide the desired transparency for every entrance area. With sound and reliable hand-crafted workmanship.  For the glazing you can choose between transparent, glazing with beveled edges, with opaque ornamentation or in Satinato glass.


Haustür München  


The entrance door collection TROJA combines the traditional material copper with innovative door technology. Copper is a natural product and allows an absolutely strong, corrosion-resistant and weatherproof surface. The designs are pro-duced individually by customer specification.