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With a ComTür front door, you acquire a high-quality product that ensures permanent functionality and durability, despite the high requirements outdoors. A requirement for this is an ideal location, optimum maintenance, constant upkeep and timely eradication of the causes should surface damage or functional faults occur unexpectedly.



Front doors are exposed to a variety of weather factors, depending on the climatic region and the location in the building (cardinal direction). Direct solar radiation and driving rain are to be avoided, especially in the event of an installation situation towards the northwest, west and southwest. In this case, a sufficiently deep awning is recommended and it is even essential in the event of extreme loads. Also important, of course, is careful integration by the expert and the sealing to the wall and the floor as per the installation guidelines. You should also ensure that the entrance hall is well ventilated. The dominant air humidity should not be above 55%. An alarm signal for excessively high air humidity is when the front door "sweats" on the interior side. Damages that thus arise do not result from the structure of the element.



ComTür front doors are coated with the highly hard-wearing CT-Lotus special paint. Thanks to its pearl structure, the surface is waterproof and dirt-repellent, extremely robust and long-lasting. Nevertheless, maintenance is to be performed on the surface of a front door 1–2 x per year and it is to be checked for surface damage at the same intervals. Particular attention should be paid to front doors with natural wood surfaces, since woods can react differently to environmental influences due to their hygroscopic properties.



During the winter period, a front door is exposed to increased surface loads due to rain, snow, temperature fluctuations and, in particular, a low sun incidence angle. Therefore, the surface and function test in spring is essential. At the same time, it is recommended to clean and perform maintenance on the front door during this time. Repair measures should be introduced even in the event of the most minor damage.

Surface check
I   Overall impression, surface brilliance?
I   Damage, cracks or scratches?
I   Partial greying of edges and profiles?


Function test (among other things)
I   Test of the closing function of the lock, hinges, etc., break-in protection functions
I   Density, floor and wall connections, door and glass insulation



1. Surface maintenance for COLOR and NATURA surfaces:
There is a ComTür maintenance set for cleaning and treating the wood surface. It includes the intensive cleaner (for intensive pre-cleaning) and the protect cleaner (the softener forms a thin protective film against dirt and water), as well as soft cloths for application. Attention: no sharp household detergents or furniture polishes may be used to clean the doors.

2. Damage and defective parts are to be removed immediately:
In order to prevent greater damage, even the most minor of surface damage is to be removed immediately in order to prevent moist from penetrating the door. In the event of more major damage to the paint surface, please contact the service technician at the plant or an expert (e.g. painter) in your area in order to ensure a "smooth" and thus protective paint application. The required airbrush system can be acquired from ComTür.



For your building entrance element, ComTür offers you a maintenance contract with the following service: A plant technician inspects your front door 1 x per year for surface defects and to check its functioning. The contractual scope also covers the surface maintenance and upkeep works described above.