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To the security equipment belong beside the components for burglar protection doors also the control system, turning drive, panic locks and hold open device in the case of fire. Here you get to know more about the equipment and systems.



To the correspondence of the safety regulations different additional special equipments are required. For example, the use of electrical door openers offers the possibility to monitor and control the access to certain secured areas. The automatic opening and closing of an element is allowed by numerous control systems. Based on the situation the ComTür technicians work out the ideal system.

CONTROLLED AUTOMATIC OPENING AND CLOSING I Magnet contacts check whether the door is closed. Bolt contacts register the controlling and surveillance systems whether a door is bolt. The blocking devices prohibit the excess to a secured area.

CONTROL SYSTEMS I For the automatic opening different, individualizeable systems are available: Fingerprint, Numeric code, Bluetooth, Remote control, Transponder and Code card systems. User- friendly and easy.

PROTECTION OF EMERGENCY EXITS I Electrical opener effect on the closed door an assured access- control. To avoid unauthorized opening escape door opener are inserted. An escape door terminal monitors the electronic closed escape way doors.


The opening and closing of doors in public buildings has to be warranted for all human beings, independent of their body condition. This must be possible without efforts, if it is not possible automatic
door systems are required. ComTür offers adequate sliding- and turning systems. These automatic doors are very easily to handle and intuitive. A really comfort, even in the private sector.

SLIDING DOORS I Sliding doors offer a perfect walking through comfort without any barriers. Different automatic systems for each requirement are available. The appliance occurs through motion- sensors, remote control or contact- free switches. The tracks are mounted on one door side, visible or hidden behind covers.

TURNING DOORS I Automatic turning drive with security-features. Also as double action door available. ComTür automatic turning systems are also available as fire rated doors.


The most important part of emergency exit doors is, that they open easily in an emergency situation. Fire proof doors are required to stay open and are kept open with hold open devices. In case of a fire they would close automatically.

PANIC DOOR CLOSURES according to DIN EN 1125 – are used on escape doors in public buildings, where the visitors do not know the function of the elements and must be able to use them in an emergency without instruction when necessary.

EMERGENCY EXIT CLOSURES according to DIN EN 179 – are designed for buildings through which the public do not generally pass and where the users are familiar with the operation of the escape doors.

PANIC-LOCKS I Guarantee that locked up doors can be opened by one single movement.